Spotlight: Blogger’s Showcase

“Blog on!” echoed from Central Hall as attendees cheered on fellow bloggers Saturday evening.

The Blogger’s Showcase, a session moderated by Lac Su and Erin Yoshimura, was a way for seasoned and new bloggers to interact and learn from each other.

Su, a co-founder of the original Banana conference that preceded V3, said the V3 Digital Media Conference epitomizes the Asian American voice that he was seeking to create the Banana conference.

We have so much to offer in terms of our aspirations and our love for our culture. That was a strength that enabled me to create this agent that has grown to what it is today, Su said.

Attendees were encouraged to get up and meet three new people. The main hall then broke into niche groups based by blogging subjects, such as love and sex, photography, food and fashion

If you’re true in what you’re writing, you’ll have an audience, an attendee said to the crowd.

Holly Pablo, V3con blogger

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