Ten tips on how to become a paid blogger

The jam-packed room on Saturday afternoon’s panel, “Blogging as a business: Monetize your efforts,” was evidence of the digital media shift and the use of blogging as an income source.

Ted Nguyen, founder of Ted Nguyen USA, moderated a panel with experienced bloggers Sheila Bernus DowdClever Girls Collective co-founder and CEO, Eric Nakagawa, Simple Honey creator, and Sonali Pathak, with iVillage, where they discussed methods on cashing in on personal and theme-based blogs.

“Meet the challenges to the max, take the opportunity and make some money doing it,” Nguyen said.

We compiled a list of some tips experts shared at the panel to get things rolling.

1-If you’re not passionate— just in it for the money —it’s not going to work.

2-Create your brand on social media. Be active on Twitter, Facebook or other social networking sites to gather a following that can migrate to your blog.

3-Market yourself and understand who you are. Maybe you aren’t at a million page views but know your message.

4-Be entrepreneurial. Think outside the box while concentrating on the money-making process. Ask yourself if it will work.

5-Create a media kit. Know your website traffic numbers and be able to speak to company representatives about them.

6-Try to seek opportunities in public speaking or linking to other content or products to generate money.

7-When starting off, analyze a similar blog and try to exceed them.

8-Keep it interesting. Remember to use your voice and be unique. Entice your audience.

9-When you pitch to a company, be precise and clear about the pay and your product. Don’t be afraid to negotiate but don’t forget about your audience.

10-Always have goals, big or small, to measure where your blog is headed.

Brian De Los Santos, V3con blogger

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