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Friday, June 14, 2013

V3con Opening Awards Reception

Presented by AAJA-Los Angeles Chapter
Hosted by Pacific Asia Museum

46 North Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101

Friday, June 14, 2013, 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Live performances, an opportunity to network and refreshments.
Appetizers provided by Roy’s Restaurant; Beverages hosted by Coca-Cola.
Signature tacos provided by Kogi BBQ. Beer donated by Kirin.

Dress code: Business Attire with flair!

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

V3con Digital Media Conference

PRESENTED BY AAJA-Los Angeles Chapter
Hosted by Japanese American National Museum (JANM)

100 North Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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8 AM


Registration ends at 4 PM. Location: NCPD Lobby

Verizon Wireless Hopeline Cellphone Donations Location: NCPD Lobby

V3con Social Media BINGO sponsored by Nielsen, @NielsenKnows
HASHTAG: #V3bingo
Participate and try to win the iPad mini.


Breakfast ends at 8:45 AM. sponsored by McDonald’s, @McDonalds
LOCATION: NCPD Lobby / JANM Aratani Central Hall
HASHTAG: #V3bfast

8:45 AM

Welcome Remarks

LOCATION: JANM Aratani Central Hall


  • V3con Founder and Executive Director: Jocelyn “Joz” Wang, @jozjozjoz
  • V3con Development Managing Director: Denise L. Poon, @cr8tivestream
  • JANM President and CEO: G.W. (Greg) Kimura, Ph.D., @gwkimura

9 AM – 9:50 AM

Plenary Session

Asian Visibility in Hollywood and Globally Online LOCATION: JANM Aratani Central Hall
sponsored by CBS Entertainment Diversity, @CBSTweet
HASHTAG: #V3showbiz

The digital revolution has been changing Hollywood, and more Asian Americans are on screens than ever before. How are Asian Americans in entertainment making their mark? How do we get more representation on and off the screen?




10 AM – 10:20 AM

Verizon Presents Powerful Solutions

sponsored by Verizon, @VZWKen
LOCATION: JANM Aratani Central Hall
HASHTAG: #V3device

Check out cutting-edge smart accessories and devices, courtesy of Verizon.

10:30 AM – 11:20 AM

Plenary Session

The Future of Journalism in the Digital World sponsored by McDonald’s, @McDonalds
LOCATION: JANM Aratani Central Hall
HASHTAG: #v3jfuture

With digital platforms enhancing our 24-hour information cycle, journalism and artful storytelling have evolved. Hear from leaders in journalism and the digital world as they discuss how they have navigated the changes and what they believe is next.




11:30 AM – 12:50 PM


sponsored by McDonald’s, @McDonalds

Self-Guided Tour of Japanese American National Museum

sponsored by Japanese American National Museum, @jamuseum
LOCATION: Japanese American National Museum

1 PM

Panels (1 PM – 1:50 PM)

“Help! My Kid Is on Snapchat”: Online Issues Facing Parents and Families JANM Aratani Central Hall

HASHTAG: #V3fams

Whether it’s Snapchat or Chat Roulette, there are plenty of reasons for parents to fear the Internet. How can parents tackle digital issues without saying “In my day….”?




Creating Moving Messaging: Nonprofits and Digital Media Options NCPD Tateuchi Democracy Forum

sponsored by Verizon, @VZWKen

Reach your target audiences and find new ways for your nonprofit to connect and engage through digital media. This panel will take a look at options using platforms like video and crowd funding.




Workshops (1 PM – 2:50 PM)

Giving a Good Interview: When You're the News JANM Nerio Education Center Classroom 1

sponsored by Southern California Edison, @SCE

HASHTAG: #V3micme

You’re used to conducting the interview, but what happens when that blog post goes viral and now the media are calling *you* for an interview? In this two-hour workshop, we walk through how you can present your best messaging and face, and evolve into a news source and commentator they’ll call again and again.


Filter-gram: Taking Better Mobile Photos JANM Education Center Classroom 2

HASHTAG: #V3filtergram

Banish blurry photos and find out when that filter actually enhances your images. Bring your iPhones and Androids to learn how to take better photos on the go.


2 PM

V3con Lounge (2 PM – 5:00 PM)

sponsored by The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, @CBTL
LOCATION: NCPD Lobby / NCPD Democracy Lab

HASHTAG: #V3lounge

Want to talk to a speaker? Meet a potential new client or business partner? We’ve set up a space for you to meet, greet and talk with other V3 attendees. Gather in the lounge, featuring CBTL coffee, espresso, and teas,  and meet some new friends!

Panel (2 PM – 2:50 PM)

I Have the Craziest Idea — How Can I Make It a Reality? JANM Aratani Central Hall

sponsored by Bank of America, @BofA_Community

HASHTAG: #V3makeitreal

In the middle of the night, the idea strikes. It’s on cocktail napkins and scrawled in notebooks. Now, how to make it a reality? Listen to the stories of digital entrepreneurs who made it happen and learn from their life lessons.




Presentation (2 PM – 2:50 PM)

Social Media Lessons From the 2012 Presidential Campaign: What Businesses Can Learn NCPD Tateuchi Democracy Forum

sponsored by Comcast NBCUniversal, @NBCNews
HASHTAG: #V3campaign

Social media platforms and their ability to micro-target were the backbone for the first large-scale one-to-one marketing campaign, which destroyed old methods of fundraising and vote getting, beating back super-PACs in an unprecedented way.


3 PM

Panels (3 PM – 3:50 PM)

Innovation and Implementation: The Secret to Innovating Daily JANM Aratani Central Hall

sponsored by Nielsen, @NielsenKnows
HASHTAG: #V3innovate

Innovation sounds great in business books. Making it happen is a different thing, especially on a daily basis. Are there ways to make changes and break the cycle every day? This panel gives you tactics and strategies to create and implement new ideas tomorrow.




Viral Videos: Make Yours Infectious NCPD Tateuchi Democracy Forum

sponsored by BUICK, @BUICK
HASHTAG: #V3viral

Viral videos can put your site on the map — if you can find the right directions. Video veterans talk about how they’ve created viral successes. What are the secrets to getting that hit?




Workshops (3 PM – 4:50 PM)

Make Your Mark Online: Tools for Growing Your Digital Footprint JANM Nerio Education Center Classroom 1

sponsored by Protect Your Bubble, @PYBUSA
HASHTAG: #V3tools

Just starting out with your digital presence? Come build your footprint on the Web with this hands-on two-hour workshop. Don’t forget your laptop.


Engaging the AAPI Community in Online Activism JANM Education Center Classroom 2

HASHTAG: #V3activism

Asian Americans are a growing power, but what makes a successful campaign tick? How can activists energize Asian Americans to take action on their issues? Hear from AAPI leaders who have harnessed the power of the Internet.


4 PM – 4:50 PM


Sustainability: Success as a Woman in Digital Media JANM Aratani Central Hall

sponsored by Coca-Cola, @CocaColaCo
HASHTAG: #V3women

The spotlight is on “leaning in” and “doing it all” for women. But what is it really like, and what have women in technology accomplished? A discussion about how far we’ve come and what we have yet to do.




Social Branding That Pays Off: Effective Online Marketing NCPD Tateuchi Democracy Forum

sponsored by Wells Fargo, @WellsFargo
HASHTAG: #V3branding

Twitter and Facebook? Check. Tumblr? Got it. But are you making money yet? A tweet does not equal a sale. Find out how social media can lead to a strong brand that will bring dollars, donors and customers in the door.




5 PM

Japanese American National Museum Exhibition Preview

presented by Japanese American National Museum, @jamuseum
LOCATION: JANM Aratani Central Hall
HASHTAG: #V3janm


5:15 PM

A Conversation With … Grace Lee Boggs and Richard Lui

sponsored by Union Bank, @UnionBank
LOCATION: JANM Aratani Central Hall
HASHTAG: #V3glboggs

Join us for a conversation with activist, writer and philosopher Grace Lee Boggs in an exclusive sit-down session with Richard Lui, journalist and news anchor for MSNBC and NBC News.


5:45 PM

Announcements, Door Prizes*, Evaluations and Closing

Presented by: V3con 2013 Steering Committee, @V3con
JANM Aratani Central Hall
*Must be present to win

6 PM – 6:30 PM

Grace Lee Boggs Book Signing


Various book titles by Grace Lee Boggs are available for purchase at the Japanese American National Museum Store.