Panel Recap: How Digital is Disrupting the 2016 Election

Discover how technology and social media is impacting election 2016. This panel focuses on the ways in which journalists, activists and politicians are using various digital media to craft compelling campaign stories.

By Heidi Carreon

Election years are usually busy times for media outlets, but this particular year has shown how powerful the use of social media can be. V3con assembled a panel to discuss that very topic, with MSNBC’s Richard Lui as moderator and speakers Mary Plummer, Taz Ahmed and Malik Ahmad.

The discussion began with whether 2016 is the first election year where digital media plays a crucial role. Ahmad argued that 2008 was the “innovator” of the importance of social media, but Ahmed chimed in that much of the digital tools available in 2016 were not available or, at least, as widely used as they are in 2016.

Attendees were also given some insight into the digital campaign strategy of Bao Nguyen.

The panel also talked about the intersections of digital, the election and the AAPI vote.

The state and national elections were addressed as well.