Panel Recap: Ethnic Media for the Next Generation

Local and ethnic media cover stories we may not otherwise hear or see nationally. Find out how smaller media is evolving and trying to stay relevant.

By Karin Chan

Three panelists and moderator Duncan Williams discussed the relevance of ethnic media and how reporters can tap into immigrant communities and increase visibility when mainstream media fails to do so.

Diana King, affiliated with Audrey Magazine, said that as Asian Americans, the one thing we’re struggling with is being visible in mainstream media.

Gwen Muranaka, panelist and English Editor of Rafu Shimpo, said that the publication wants to evolve and create content that will reach new audiences while still engaging the older generation within the Japanese American community.

Attendee William Chiu responded to the panel discussion.

Panelist Cindy J. Lee from KSCI-TV said that her TV station covers pop culture like K-Pop and K-Dramas.

Indeed, Asians are doing everything, ranging from reporting on ethnic communities to attending journalist conferences.

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