Panel Recap: Student Activism: Digital Media for Social Change

Find out how minority students are using digital media to create social change. Learn about how they are sharing their stories on social media to enact change.

By Jeong Park

Jenny Yang, a stand-up comedian, moderated the discussion with panelists Zachary Wong, Jason Fong, Lorna Xu. Wong is a senior at Harvard University who has been using visual arts to discuss Asian-American issues. Fong, a student at Redondo Union High School, is a creator of #MyAsianAmericanStory. Xu is a student at USC and an executive director at the USC Asian Pacific American Student Assembly.

Fong said he started the hashtag as a response to Jeb Bush’s comment about Asian Americans as ‘anchor babies.’ He said he wanted to use the hashtag to tell stories of Asian Americans.

Student activism + digital media panel hosted by @jennyyangtv #v3con

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Xu said she and her group at USC used digital mediums such as Facebook to let other students know about their resolution calling for a more diverse campus and curriculum.

Wong created a comic strip to draw attention to struggles many Asian Americans face.

Panelists talked about how difficult it has been for them to challenge the mainstream portrayal of Asian Americans.

How should the Asian-American community interact with other communities of color? Fong said it’s important to build relationship with the other communities.