Recap: Making Exclusive Content for Social Platforms

With the rise of new social media platforms, publishers are making content specific to social platforms. Learn about the type of creative content that is engaging people on social media.

By Linda Wang

Social media experts shared insights with attendees of the fifth annual V3con on Saturday afternoon. Angela Kim, Audience Development Manager at Yahoo, served as the event moderator. Panelists included: Yvonne Leow, Revenue Strategy Team Lead at Vox Media, Paul Rosales, Motion Graphics Extraordinaire at Yahoo and Versha Sharma, Managing Editor at NowThis.

Leow stressed the importance of being the first mover on emerging social media platforms – “Don’t be afraid to fail and aim for small gains.”

She also highlighted the value of packaging content that’s in line with what’s currently trending or what’s projected to trend in the near future.

As an example, Leow shared a video that Vox Media created showing the link between playing football and CTE right before the bold film, “Concussion,” premiered in theaters. By remaining cognizant of current hot topics, Vox Media not only remained a part of the conversation but dominated the narrative.

The conversation then transitioned to the role motion graphics play in social media. When Kim asked how motion graphics influence content ownership, Rosales stated, “As a creator, you’re always focused on the task at hand and living in the moment…but then very quickly you’re moving onto your next project.”

Considering how easy it is to share social content, it’s important to keep your ego in check and be comfortable with anonymity.

Having a NowThis staff member on this panel was invaluable because the organization knows a thing or two about creating viral content.

Sharma explained that while NowThis was founded in 2012, its videos didn’t start blowing up until 2014. She credits the astronomical growth to the “company strategy of going all-in in social media and cross-platform distribution.”

While it was a gutsy move (NowThis doesn’t even have a website they regularly update), the pivot definitely paid off with the organization’s videos now garnering over 2 billion views per month. Viewing this growth from the inside, the managing editor has a piece of advice for more traditional organizations:

“At some point, you have to pivot because money follows where the audience goes.”