Speakers, Performers and Panelists

Check out our lineup for 2016!

Anna Almendrala - V3con Speaker

Anna Almendrala

The Huffington Post
Senior Healthy Living Editor
Anthony Quintano - V3con Speaker

Anthony Quintano

Honolulu Civil Beat
Engagement Editor
Ben Adair - V3con Speaker

Ben Adair

First Time Last Time Podcast
Host and Producer
Bo Yeon Kim - V3con Speaker

Bo Yeon Kim

CW's "Reign"
Story Editor
Canan Tasci - V3con Speaker

Canan Tasci

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Communications Consultant
Carole Kirschner - V3con Speaker

Carole Kirschner

CBS Diversity Institute Writers Mentoring Program
Cary Chow - V3con Speaker

Cary Chow

Erika Lippoldt - V3con Speaker

Erika Lippoldt

CW's "Reign"
Story Editor
Henry Fuhrmann - V3con Speaker

Henry Fuhrmann

Los Angeles Times
Former Assistant Managing Editor
Jason Fong - V3con Speaker

Jason Fong

Jeanne Mau - V3con Speaker

Jeanne Mau

CBS Diversity
Vice President
Josie Huang - V3con Speaker

Josie Huang

Southern California Public Radio
Joy Lin - V3con Speaker

Joy Lin

Quarter Life Joy
Career Strategist and Founder
Kevin Porter - V3con Speaker

Kevin T. Porter

Gilmore Guys Show
Podcast Host

Lia Haberman

Social Media Strategist
Nancy Casanova - V3con Speaker

Nancy Casanova

Southern California Edison
Community Manager
Paul Rosales - V3con speaker

Paul Rosales

Multimedia Artist
Sandra Lee - V3con Speaker

Sandra Lee

Skin Physicians and Surgeons
Dr. Pimple Popper