Speakers, Performers and Panelists

We have an exciting roster of speakers and panelists this year!  Scroll down to see the full list. You can even click through to see their profiles, social media links, and bios. And make sure to check regularly since they’re listed in no particular order. Randomized for fun – that way you get a chance to view them all!

Mary Plummer - V3con Speaker

Mary Plummer

Southern California Public Radio
Senior Politics Reporter
Joy Lin - V3con Speaker

Joy Lin

Quarter Life Joy
Career Strategist and Founder
Anna Almendrala - V3con Speaker

Anna Almendrala

The Huffington Post
Senior Healthy Living Editor
Charles Babb - V3con Speaker

Charles Babb

Fairchild Consortium

Lia Haberman

Social Media Strategist
Kevin Tsukii - V3con Speaker

Kevin Tsukii

Emblematic Group
Immersive Video Lead
Sandra Lee - V3con Speaker

Sandra Lee

Skin Physicians and Surgeons
Dr. Pimple Popper
Armand Emamdjomeh - V3con Speaker

Armand Emamdjomeh

Los Angeles Times
Deputy Director of Data Visualization
Jeanne Mau - V3con Speaker

Jeanne Mau

CBS Diversity
Vice President
Cary Chow - V3con Speaker

Cary Chow

Catherine Day - V3con Speaker

Catherine Day

Jaunt VR
Executive Producer
Alex Tung - V3con Speaker

Alex Tung

Cancer Survivor
Suzy Nakamura - V3con Speaker

Suzy Nakamura

ABC's "Dr. Ken"
Nancy Casanova - V3con Speaker

Nancy Casanova

Southern California Edison
Community Manager
Melly Lee - V3con Speaker

Melly Lee

Melly Lee Photography
Malik Ahmad - V3con Speaker

Malik Ahmad

Versha Sharma - V3con Speaker

Versha Sharma

Managing Editor

David Ono

ABC7 Eyewitness
News Anchor
Bo Yeon Kim - V3con Speaker

Bo Yeon Kim

CW's "Reign"
Story Editor
Gwen Muranaka - V3con Speaker

Gwen Muranaka

The Rafu Shimpo
English Editor-in-Chief
Erika Lippoldt - V3con Speaker

Erika Lippoldt

CW's "Reign"
Story Editor
Zachary Wong

Zachary Wong

Filmmaker / Animator / Illustrator
Shawn Nicole Wong - V3con Speaker

Shawn Nicole Wong

V3con Sponsorships Director
AAJA-National Treasurer
Steve Padilla - V3con Speaker

Steve Padilla

Los Angeles Times
Lorna Xu - V3con Speaker

Lorna Xu

USC's Asian Pacific American Student Assembly
Executive Director
Paul Rosales - V3con speaker

Paul Rosales

Multimedia Artist
Jason Fong - V3con Speaker

Jason Fong

Yvonne Leow - V3con Speaker

Yvonne Leow

Revenue Strategy
Jenny Yang - V3con Speaker

Jenny Yang

Disoriented Comedy / The Comedy Comedy Festival
Josie Huang - V3con Speaker

Josie Huang

Southern California Public Radio
Koji Steven Skaai - V3con Speaker

Koji Steven Sakai

Japanese American National Museum
Vice President of Programs
Richard Lui - V3con Speaker

Richard Lui

MSNBC and NBC News
News Anchor
Gita Amar

Gita Amar

Gita Amar Media Consulting
BBC Contributor
Kevin Porter - V3con Speaker

Kevin T. Porter

Gilmore Guys Show
Podcast Host
Tanzila Ahmed - V3con Speaker

Tanzila Ahmed

18MillionRising / #GoodMuslimBadMuslim Podcast
Phil Yu - V3con Speaker

Phil Yu

Angry Asian Man
Founder and Editor
Canan Tasci - V3con Speaker

Canan Tasci

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Communications Consultant
Traci Lee - V3con Speaker

Traci Lee

NBC Asian America
Digital Editorial Manager
Simran Baidwan - V3con Speaker

Simran Baidwan

Writer and Supervising Producer
Angela Kim - V3con Speaker

Angela Kim

Audience Development Manager
Cindy J Lee - V3con Speaker

Cindy J. Lee

Community & Public Affairs Manager
Henry Fuhrmann - V3con Speaker

Henry Fuhrmann

Los Angeles Times
Former Assistant Managing Editor
Duncan Williams - V3con Speaker

Duncan Williams

Japan House LA
Executive Vice President
Carole Kirschner - V3con Speaker

Carole Kirschner

CBS Diversity Institute Writers Mentoring Program
Diana King - V3con Speaker

Diana King

Jasmine Chun Fat - V3con Speaker

Jasmine Chun Fat

Anthony Quintano - V3con Speaker

Anthony Quintano

Honolulu Civil Beat
Engagement Editor
Naomi Hayase - V3con Speaker

Naomi Hayase

AAJA Los Angeles Chapter
Tim Atlas - V3con Speaker

Tim Atlas

Tim Atlas Music
Maya Sugarman - V3con Speaker

Maya Sugarman

Visual Journalist